At Bright Start Learning Center we recognize each child as an individual needing physical, emotional, and social care.  It is our primary goal to maximize each child’s potential by employing proven and sound practices and principles of child development. We feel it is essential to our philosophy to provide a healthy, safe, and pleasant child-oriented environment for optimum growth and development.  Inherent in this environment is a wealth of developmental experiences and activities geared to the individual child’s needs.  We believe that children need the freedom to explore, wonder and discover on their own as well as situations requiring cooperative group interaction. 


Our standards reflect current knowledge about what constitutes developmentally appropriate Early Childhood Education.  The child care center provides a professional, high quality program for all children.

We also employ educated and experienced teachers who interact with the children in a warm and caring manner.  Our teachers respect the rights, cultural heritage, and individuality of each child.  


We recognize the importance of each child’s parents/caregivers and ensure a partnership of mutual respect and concern.  This open communication between home and school allows better understanding and planning to meet the needs of each child.  We recognize and foster an active partnership between home and school.


About Us

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