5 - 6 years old

Our pre-kindergarten program focuses on the developmental skills needed to succeed in kindergarten. Pre-kindergarten teachers plan schedules and routines that will help prepare your child to transition to kindergarten with ease. Everyday your child will have the opportunity to actively participate in group time, learning centers and small group activities. They will choose daily classroom jobs and share responsibilities with their classmates. Through group time routines, children will learn social and verbal interaction skills as well as build vocabulary.

Our pre-kindergartners will gain a greater understanding of sequencing, graphing, and logical problem-solving, providing a strong foundation for advanced math skills.  Our language and literacy program promotes a strong understanding of phonics, sentence structure and a heightened vocabulary. Continued development of computer skills enhances the educational and technological experience your child gains.  Our children will continue to have a healthy balance of teacher-directed activities as well as child-initiated learning center times.